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Our distinctive tailor-made African safaris and expeditions offer you the kind of attention to detail and luxury accommodations that you don't find with other private guided tours. We expertly handle your active vacation from the moment you make your booking until the moment you return home. Our experienced staff and certified native guides host you from start to finish. You'll enjoy the security and comfort of our network of private luxury villas, lodges, tented camps, and ranches. We take care of all transportation, accommodations, special safari vehicles, transfers, catering and gear.

At Safaris and You we are committed to the very highest standards in eco-tourism and to supporting local wildlife conservation through a variety of national programs. We also work diligently to support the local community through a number of regional educational and economic programs. When you book your adventure vacation with Safaris and You, you can be assured of the very highest quality services with the utmost attention to detail along with socially and ecologically-conscious best practices in everything we do.

Join us today and explore untouched exotic areas, up-close wildlife, and out-of-the ordinary locations. We’re sure you will fall in love with Tanzania and return home with unforgettable memories to share and cherish for a lifetime.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the very best eco-friendly African safaris and guided tours. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations for adventure travel while running our business in the most ecologically friendly way possible. We work to support native Tanzanian communities through our business practices and through our support of regional programs that give back to the people and tribes we visit. We support and advocate for wildlife conservation throughout the region through our participation in a number of regional and national programs. In everything we do we work to ensure that no harm is done to the wildlife or the environment as a result of our activities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure the future of African wildlife and share this dream with others. We aim to positively impact the people and places we visit by using best practices in eco-tourism and to lead the way in environmentally friendly adventure vacations. We will share our knowledge about wildlife with our guests and help promote the importance of conservation. We will support local communities through our business practices and participation in development projects and rural empowerment (education, health, etc).

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