"Tanzania was stunning! The beauty of the nature and the diversity of the fauna is a must-see. We recieved excellent foods and excellent service form the staff."

~Toi & Marcel, Zurich, Switzerland more testimonials

Hot Air Balloon

The best way to experience the magnificent Serengeti ecosystem and wildlife is from high above in an air balloon. It is simply an unforgettable trip and a highly recommended experience. The panoramic views may leave you speechless as you keep on the lookout for animals on the ground below. You will have a spectacular, uninterrupted view of the gorgeous landscape, observe herds of wildlife, and marvel at an unforgettable perspective of Africa.

Our ballooning excursions are incredibly tranquil and are ideal for people of all ages. Most trips begin just before sunrise. Enormous gas burners are ignited in the crisp dawn and the balloon slowly fills with hot air and begins to rise. Your safety comes first as thorough checks are finalized before climbing in the basket and departing. You’ll gently lift off the ground and leisurely float along with the wind.

 What to expect:

• Experienced native ballooning pilots who speak fluently in multiple languages including English and Swahili.
• High quality gear and equipment that is thoroughly safety checked and tested
• Hand picked locations and exclusive access
• Private vehicles and transportation
• Dedicated porters to carry bags and gear
• Meals and catering
• Amazing landscapes and up-close wildlife encounters


A hot air balloon trip over Africa is a magnificent experience that you will never forget. Bring a jacket for the early morning when it's cooler. Binoculars and a camera are definitely a must; this is a photographic opportunity not to be missed! Contact us today to learn more.