We take eco-tourism very seriously and are dedicated to promoting best practices in environmentally-friendly and culturally responsible tourism. We are committed to responsible stewardship of African wildlife and conservation of the native environment. We support various wildlife conservation groups, anti-poaching projects, and environmental organizations both locally in Tanzania and internationally.

Community / How we give back

We believe it is our social responsibility to give back to the Tanzania people and communities where we operate. One way is through giving a portion of our revenue to support local schools. Our donations provide scholarships, books, and school supplies to communities in rural areas where they need it the most. We also support a variety of health services that provide medicines, supplies and nutrition education to help improve in the quality of life for local communities.

Eco-Friendley Lodges

Our eco-friendly safari lodges are constructed using the latest techniques in environmentally responsible Green architecture – everything from solar power to advanced recycling systems. We use only locally produced food, vegetables organically grown onsite, and water sourced locally.

What Can You Do to Support Eco-Tourism When You Travel?

  • By Traveling with us you help promote the principles of eco-tourism in Tanzania and internationally. In addition, here are a few steps to take to do your part.
  • Purchase only locally made items and souvenirs
  • Do not purchase items made from indigenous trees, animals, coral or seashells
  • Do not remove any natural items from their natural habitat
  • Don’t feed the animals at any time
  • Purchase locally made items
  • Don’t Disturb the flora and fauna
  • Use water sparingly

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