Selous Game Reserve National Park

The Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest reserves of the world and is located in the south of Tanzania. The Selous was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 due to the diversity of its wildlife and undisturbed nature. The reserve covers a total area of 21,100 square miles. No permanent human habitation or permanent structures are permitted within the reserve. All (human) entry and exit is carefully controlled by the Wildlife Division of the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Wildlife can be found in this park in larger numbers than in any other African game reserve or national park. Some of the typical animals of the savanna include elephants, hippopotami, African Wild Dog, buffalo, and crocodiles. A section of the northern park along the Rufiji River has been designated a photographic zone and is a popular tourist destination. There are several lodges and camps situated along the river and lake systems in this area. Rather difficult road access means most visitors arrive by small aircraft from Dar es Salaam, though train access is also possible.

Interesting places in the park include the Rufiji River, which flows into the Indian Ocean opposite Mafia Island and the Stiegler Gorge, a canyon of 100 meters depth and 100 meters width. Walking safaris are permitted in the Selous, and boat trips on the Rufiji are a popular activity.

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